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Bringing South American Cuisine to Butte, Montana

Asado. Empanadas. And Ceviche, Oh my!

The only thing in the world that brings people together more than food, is food and wine combined. WINES by V and Park 217 did that last week to launch their new wine-club collaboration with a "Taste of South American Food and Wine" event.

The South American tasting featured the following:

Torrontes and Sauvignon Gris paired with ceviche and a cheese platter.

Cab/Malbec blend and a Carmenere paired with empanadas and asado.

Malbec Reserva and a Bonarda/Malbec blend paired with chocolate cake.

If you missed it, do not fret. WINES by V and Park 217 will be co-hosting monthly events that will range in both style and features. Events will be open to everyone, but wine club members will be able to attend at a discounted rate.

"Tell me more about wine club, please?!"

Park 217 has partnered with Vanessa Romero, (certified wine educator, wine-nut, and owner of WINES by V), to bring an exciting and educational wine club to Butte. Vanessa has worked in the fine wine industry for 15 years and brings a level of expertise and enthusiasm to wine that is unmatched in the area.